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Executive Coaches Boston

Boston Executive Coaches Are In Demand

Need Executive Coaching in Boston?

Research in the last few years found that individual and team coaching are the top leadership and employee development tools for businesses. It is reported that a high percentage of companies planned on making use of executive coaches. Accordingly, external coaches were preferred for senior and executive management.

Over the past few years, executive coaches have been used as a way for companies to help their employees develop emotional intelligence in their senior leaders. However, with the financial crisis and budget cutbacks, corporate investment in coaching had dropped off.

Executive Coaches Are Now Essential

Executive Coaches as now seen as essential as businesses attempt to help their employees take advantage of growth opportunities within their organizations.  The emphasis in executive coaching is now aimed at developing employees’ softer, interpersonal skills, such as empathy, and self-awareness, which are now deemed just as important for today’s business leaders as the harder, business acumen skills.

Individual and corporate clients report that one-on-one coaching intervention is critical for the success of their careers, especially during tough economic times.

Coaches typically are hired by organizations, however, many coaches report that they are seeing an increase in individuals hiring coaches on their own. Coaching rates can range from $200 to $300 or more a session, to hone the management or communication skills of senior leaders and rising stars in those companies. Many coaches report a trend that companies are retaining their services in order to help them to become more efficient, to create systems, and to get leaner.

If you are ready to explore what coaching can do for you or your company consider us. We help individuals and organizations who:

  • Are looking to take their work, career, or employee performance to the next level
  • Are dealing with issues at work that affect job performance, advancement, or promotions
  • Need help becoming more efficient, and getting leaner
  • Want to step back and take stock
  • Would like a sounding board for major decisions
  • Are looking to better balance work and family life
  • Want someone to help them create systems
  • Need help getting better organized, setting priorities, and meeting deadlines
  • Would like someone to hold them accountable for following through on important to-do items

Our Executive Coaches Boston program can help support and challenge you or your employees, as you focus on the here and now, as well as the big picture.

Working together, we create a plan for addressing any issues impacting peak performance, or plan for career decisions that promote growth and advancement in your, or your employee’s career.

You spend a good portion of your life at work, so why not be doing something you enjoy, that enables you to have the lifestyle you would like, and that adds meaning and purpose to your life?

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