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How Coaching Works

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Here’s How Coaching Works

To get started, fill out the Schedule/Contact pop up on the bottom right side of your screen.  I do offer a free phone session so we can determine if coaching is right for you at this time and to see if it is a good fit. See my coaching FAQ’s page if you want to learn more.

If we agree that coaching makes sense for you- then we set up either a 30-minute laser coaching session, a regular 45-minute coaching session, or a 90 minute “Discovery Session.” The Discovery session is a 90-minute double session that helps us explore, in more depth, the various life and/or business issues and challenges you face, and begin to prioritize areas of your life that you’d like to be the focus of coaching sessions. You are guaranteed to get something of value as a result of this session.

Prior to the coaching session you will be sent some forms to fill out which will guide us in our future discussions.

For those who seek more than one-time coaching services, there are discounted rates for 4,8, and 12 week coaching commitments.

On certain types of coaching such as ADHD coaching, and Executive coaching I do recommend a longer term coaching package so we can develop and try out new strategies, tools, and behavior patterns.  Check our Coaching Rates page for more details on rates.

How BostonMABusinessCoach works:

  • Because our approach with coaching is strength-based, and dictated by the motivation level of those with whom we work-we limit our initial work to 12 sessions and then reevaluate the need to continue.
  • Sessions are paid for, in advance, by credit card, or if in person-you may bring cash, check or credit card
  • Sessions are scheduled weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly and all paid sessions must be used within 6 months of payment
  • Coaching is done through regularly scheduled telephone calls, in person, or a secure virtual videoconferencing portal
  • Clients can phone in from a comfortable, convenient location in your work place or home
  • At times, homework may be expected between meetings, however, we always respect your work/home schedule
  • At each meeting we review goals, progress made, review obstacles, and strategies for overcoming them
  • Email, text, or phone support is provided between coaching calls, as needed, with the exception of the 30 minute sessions

Our Coaching services are provided in Westwood, Boston, other cities and towns in Massachusetts, RI, nationwide, as well as worldwide via Skype, VSEE or other online platform.

Get started with coaching on our New Clients Page