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Leadership Coaching

“Courage is the power to let go of the familiar.” – Raymond Lindquist.
Are you ready to embark on a transformative leadership journey? Guided by an ICF-certified coach and licensed therapist you will discover the power within and unravel the depths of self-awareness and growth. You will elevate your leadership thoughts and behavior, begin to nurture authentic connections and unfold your true potential. This program is not for the faint of heart; you will need to embrace a journey of self-discovery, summon the courage to evolve, and lead with newfound wisdom and inspiration.

Career/Work Coaching

Are you struggling with workplace challenges and high stress due to unrealistic expectations, burnout, a difficult/toxic boss, colleagues, or no opportunity? Do you feel stuck or lost in your career path and unsure of what direction to take? Are you not meeting workplace expectations and in danger of losing your job? Have you considered taking the Myers-Briggs assessments and Strong Interest Inventory to gain insight into your strengths and potential careers? Why not get some help so you can better cope with these issues and find fulfillment in your professional life?

ADHD Coaching

Transform your productivity and confidence with our personalized ADHD/ADD coaching program. Our ADHD-trained and certified coach and licensed therapist can help you manage your time better, get more organized, plan and communicate better, feel better about yourself, and learn to make informed decisions. Our custom approach focuses on building on your unique strengths and addressing your specific challenges. Are you ready to realize goals that have been dormant, amplify your abilities, and experience a personalized journey to success?

Coaching for Introverts and Shy People

Coaching for Introverts

If you’re feeling held back by introversion or shyness in your personal or professional life, we can help. Wayne Kessler is a certified coach and therapist with many years of experience helping people feel more confident, form meaningful connections, manage anxiety and isolation, and deal constructively with annoying social or work situations. Don’t continue to let introversion or shyness hold you back from taking risks and limiting your potential. Take the first step towards gaining more confidence and learning the skills and behaviors you need to help you lead a fulfilling life.


Peak Performance Coaching

Do you feel like you could be doing better in your business, career, life, fitness, or relationships? Are you struggling to figure out where to start or how to improve? Do you need someone to hold you accountable and witness your success? If you’re feeling overwhelmed and need guidance to take your life to the next level, consider working with a Peak Performance Coach. Live up to your potential. Take action today and start living the life you know you deserve.

Marketing Coaching for Branding and Higher ROI

Are you suffering from the biggest challenges facing businesses such as hiring and managing top talent, generating quality leads and increasing brand visibility? And how are you doing at getting and retaining customers, setting and reaching marketing plan goals, and networking and building relationships with potential referrers? Coaching can give you the latest guidance and marketing strategies to help you overcome these challenges.


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