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Coaching Rates

Coaching Rates Cost of Coaching Boston MA

manhappytobealive*Please note that we are now offering multi-session discounted pricing packages for those who pre-pay for sessions.

When exploring professional Coaching there are many factors to consider as not all coaches have the same level of expertise, compassion and availability.

Coaching: An Investment in You

Coaching is one of the best investments in yourself you could make. But you have to be ready for the time and effort it takes to make the most of it. As with any investment you need to make sure the coach is the right one for you as coaches vary in a number of ways. For those who like to shop around for the best price, or have a limited budget -you may find a coach who will reduce their rates. But you can expect a wide range of prices as the cost of coaching can vary widely depending on the length and frequency of the sessions, the type of coaching provided, whether it is in person or virtual, and the coaches expertise.

Package Pricing Option

Many coaches offer multi-session packages, discounted pricing for purchasing a set number of sessions and for pre-paying for the sessions.

Individual vs. Business Coaching

The cost of coaching can range from $200-$1000 for an individual session. And for a business coaching session, it can be anywhere from $750-$1500 per month depending on the frequency of coaching, the coach’s expertise, and other services provided. Our coaching rates are not the lowest nor the highest but are fair and affordable for the value and quality of care that you receive.

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Career Coaching

Career coaching rates vary based on the services requested. Most job or career coaches offer both individual services such as resume and cover letter preparation, Bio, and Linkedin profile creation. Many career coaches offer packages that offer the most value than purchasing services separately.

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Our Commitment

The Coaching process is all about developing a personal relationship. A professional coach will work with you to understand your strengths, your challenges, and what motivates and inspires you. Our coaches provide a safe, confidential, inspirational, non-judgmental and hopeful place to discuss your issues. Some coaches confine the process to session time and others encourage contact between sessions. In our coaching practice, we not only meet with you for the time in the session; we oftentimes, do some work together, before and after each session, so we can maximize the effect on your life situation. We do this because we are committed to your growth and happiness through the coaching process and we do want to help you achieve the best outcome that you want for yourself.

Some coaches are very strict on the session time allotted, and others allow more flexibility. In our coaching practice, if time allows, we sometimes utilize more time than the 45 minutes in the session if we feel it will be helpful and time is available.

Time between sessions is also offered by many coaches; as corresponding via email, text, or phone to update on successes or challenges can be helpful to getting work done between sessions.

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