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Wayne Kessler

Top Coaches: Wayne Kessler, founder of Kessler Coaching

Wayne Kessler is one of the top coaches in the area. He opened his coaching practice in 2008 after his full-time job was downsized in a company restructuring. Wayne’s unfortunate downsizing gave him the opportunity to expand the work that he found most fulfilling, and he decided to devote more time to growing his part-time coaching and consulting business so that he could assist individuals, small business owners, and organizations.

Wayne’s passion has always been helping people live a life of meaning, purpose, and fulfillment and his coaching work allows him to help people more intensively. Wayne believes, from his previous work as a psychotherapist, that new, more productive, and life-transforming habits and behaviors can be learned, which can help people reach their maximum potential in life.

Wayne has sought to hone his coaching, branding, marketing, and human resource management skills over the years through various coaching training and cognitive behavior therapy programs and brings a broad range of experience and training to his coaching work. In addition to his work as a coach, Wayne is a licensed social worker, and a certified mediator. He has experience in management positions in both large and small agencies, as well as non-profit and for-profit companies.

Wayne’s employee assistance work experience with several companies enables him to help employees and management personnel to manage challenging work situations, as well as balancing work and personal demands.

Wayne also has a negotiation and mediation certificate from the UMASS Dispute Resolution program. He has mediated small claims cases in both the Quincy and Cambridge court systems, and oftentimes uses these skills in his coaching work.

The reason Wayne is one of the top coaches is that he truly cares about those he serves. He uses a non-judgmental, supportive, yet accountable, strength-based approach, combined with focused and achievable goal setting, He draws from a wide skill-set including Cognitive Behavior skills training, Dialectical Behavior skills training, Neuro-linguistic programming skills, Positive Psychology, Mindfulness, and/or technology tools such as helpful apps, customized worksheets, and recommended products, in his work with his clients.

Wayne is married with two children and his loyal Golden Doodle and lives in a suburb south of Boston. Wayne is one of the best Brookline Coaches in the area, and his office is located at 1330 Beacon Street, Suite 250, Brookline, MA[/vc_column_text]

Your Personal Coach Boston MA

Wayne is your personal coach Boston MA who works with you to help you stay motivated, focused, and on track to live the life you were meant to live.

Wayne’s formal experience and training:

Boston University coach training certification program, as well as training from MentorCoach

Specialization in helping people with ADHD or ADHD to build on their strengths

Human Services Management graduate degree and many years of training in management skills including MBA level business classes from Boston University Graduate School of Management and UMASS Boston

Experienced coach with over 20 years of supervision experience who helps you identify options, remove barriers, explore choices, set goals, clarify expectations, set realistic timelines, and create easy to manage work plans

Graduate Social Work degree (MSW), clinical work experience and training contributes to the highest quality, client focused, approach and the highest ethical business practices

Dispute Resolution graduate certification from UMASS Boston. Training and experience as a mediator and negotiator with both the Cambridge and Quincy Court systems which can help you replace conflicts with creative problem resolutions

Work experience with both for-profit and not-for-profit companies

Experienced instructor/trainer in Human Resource management skills

Work experience with small and large companies

Strategic planning, Board, and committee experience

Marketing and advertising experience and specialization

Grant Writing and Fundraising knowledge and experience

Award winning recognition from colleagues in the field for excellence with policy and change projects

Office Location

Wayne has a coaching offices in Norwood and Westwood, MA, and can meet with people at their place of employment. Wayne also offers virtual coaching sessions via phone or Zoom videoconferencing.

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