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How We’re Different

Wayne KesslerWayne Kessler, Boston MA Business Coach Founder

Hi folks, and welcome to my website. My name is Wayne Kessler, and I am the founder of Boston MA Business Coach also known as Kessler Coaching. I am married, and a father of two kids, living in a suburb near Boston. I started my coaching practice because I believe in making a difference in this world one person at a time. I know this sounds like a cliche; but I truly believe that each person has special skills and talents that do not reach fruition due to our own normal fears, life situations, and sometimes negative inner voices which prevent us from reaching our full potential.

No one is immune to the daily stresses of life and I believe that everyone deserves to have a mentor who can teach them the skills and strategies needed to thrive, support and guide them through challenging times to fulfill a life filled with purpose, meaning and happiness.

My Coaching practice is where I find meaning and happiness, helping to increase satisfaction in personal and business areas of people’s lives.

Most of my new clients come from existing coaching clients, the nicest compliment I can get in helping my clients reach their goals.

How I Am Unique Among Coaches

My skill set draws from a wide range of work and educational experiences. I have training and experience as a therapist, done some work in employee assistance, mediation, management and program development, human resources, administration, supervision and marketing.

I care about, and build relationships with, the people with whom I work. I take the time to get to know you, and work with you to assess the best way I can help to be most effective given your unique circumstances and personality. I work with you before, during and after scheduled sessions so we can ensure good results.

I offer phone sessions, Skype-like video sessions and in-person sessions at convenient days and times.

My formal experience and training includes:

  • Coaching Certificate from Boston University as well as training from MentorCoach
  • ADHD Professional Coach Designation from ADD Insights, ADHD Coach Training Program
  • Graduate Degree in Human Services Management and many years of training in management skills including MBA level business classes from Boston University Graduate School of Management and UMASS Boston. These experiences have prepared me to meet the various challenges facing your business.
  • Experienced coach with over 20 years of supervision experience who helps you identify choices, set goals, clarify expectations, set realistic timelines, and create easy to manage work plans
  • Graduate Social Work degree (MSW), clinical therapeutic work experience and training contributes to a strength-based, client focused, research based approach and the highest ethical business practices
  • Graduate certificate in Dispute Resolution from UMASS Boston. Training and experience as a mediator and negotiator with both the Cambridge and Quincy Court systems which can help you manage conflicts with creative problem resolutions
  • Work experience with both for-profit and not-for-profit companies
  • Experienced instructor/trainer in personnel management skills
  • Work experience as a manager with large and small companies
  • Strategic planning, Board and committee experience
  • Marketing and advertising specialization
  • Fundraising and grant writing experience
  • Resume copywriting, job and career counseling experience
  • Award winning recognition from colleagues in the field for excellence with policy and change projects


Becoming a Coaching Client Takes Courage. Are You Ready For Coaching?

Unfortunately, everyone is not ready for coaching. To be ready and prepared for success, I strongly recommend that you:

  1. Be willing to devote the time and investment necessary to achieve your goals
  2. Be willing to make changes necessary for success
  3. Be willing to laugh at yourself through the coaching process (I often use humor)
  4. Be willing to accept honest feedback about elements of your life, career or business which are impacting performance
  5. Be willing to maintain ongoing communication (by email, and/or phone) between in-person or virtual meetings to review goal accomplishment


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Wayne Kessler is a Business coach Boston MA