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Coaching Services

Boston MA Business Coach provides a full range of coaching services which can be helpful to people interested in improving various areas of their life and work. These services include the following:

ADD/ADHD Symptoms and Coaching

ADHD/ADD coaching educates and empowers people with ADHD and ADD. We help you learn more about yourself, we build on your unique strengths, and we address your challenges. You will plan and manage time better, and get more organized and structured. You’ll learn how to more consistently manage your attention, motivation, relationships, self esteem, and confidence. Learn more about what a coach for ADD/ADHD can do for you.

ADHD Coaching services

Coaching for Executives & Business Professionals

Can focus on challenges related to growth, getting along better with others, managing emotions, leadership development, delegation, control issues, challenging employee issues, promotions, colleague or supervisory relationships. Learn more about our Executive/Business Coach services

Career Coaching and Job Acquisition

Can focus on exploring/changing careers, workplace adjustment, human resource/challenging work issues, job search, promotions, colleague relationships, and leadership development. We offer the Myers-Briggs assessments and Strong Interest Inventory. Learn more about our Career Coach services.


Coach for College Students

We help college students adjust to life at school and away from home by providing the necessary coaching support and structure needed in this new environment. We meet with students in person and over Skype as needed to insure their success and happiness at school. Learn more about what a Coach for College Students can do for your son or daughter.

College Student Job Coaching Services

can help you write or revise your resume and/or cover letter, explore and complete applications in job search sites, learn how to work with job finding services, plan strategies for getting a job, and negotiate salary offers. Learn more about why we have the best job coach and about our College Student Job coaching services.


Life Coaching

Helps people work on and achieve balance in many areas of their life including work, finances, fitness/health, career, family, romance, and can also incorporate spirituality and meditation. Learn more about our Life Coach Services.

Marketing Coaching

This area of coaching helps new or prospective business owners with coaching and guidance on steps and resources necessary to start or expand their business. We work on Branding, Website Development, Search Engine Optimization, Conversion, Tracking, Sales and Funnels. Learn more about our Marketing Coach services.


Peak Performance Coaching

This area of coaching assist those who need some guidance and support around taking their business, life, sport, to the next level. Learn more about Peak Performance Coach services.

Coaching for Celebrities & High Profile People

Can focus on managing high expectations, pressure to perform, personal issues impacting peak performance, and more effectively managing relationships. Creating new challenges and goals, post event. Coping better with not meeting expectations of self or others. Learn more about Coaching for Celebrities


Coaching for Shy People and Introverts

This area of coaching helps those who are struggling with the number and quality of their relationships, fear or avoidance of social situations, finding social situations anxiety provoking and draining of energy, or spending more time alone than you should be. Learn more about our Coaching for Shy and Introverted services

Technology Coaching

can focus on usage of technology to increase productivity, increase skills to improve value to company, increase mobility, security, add structure and organization to home or work space. Learn more about our Technology Coach services


Happiness Coaching

This area of coaching helps those who are searching for more happiness. Happiness means different things to different people, so we explore the meaning and purpose of happiness in your life and chart a path to realize this state of being. Learn more about our Happiness Coaching services

We Offer Coaching Online!

For those looking for coaching at convenient times, and for unplanned or time-sensitive matters, an online coach could be right for you. Learn more about working with an Online Coach, otherwise known as a virtual coach.

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