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Life Coach For College Students

Best Life Coach For College Students: Coaching for College Students in Boston MA

coaching for college studentsGoing to college for the first time can be both an exciting, and an overwhelming experience. College is a major life transition and students are expected to all of a sudden be independent, yet they are not offered much support to ensure their success. Many students do well making the adjustment themselves, but others need help because they may not do well with the lack of structure, may feel isolated, overwhelmed, or like they don’t fit in socially or academically. The best life coach for college students has experience in helping students to learn the best practice habits and behaviors of top students.

A best coach for college students can help your son or daughter make the successful transition from home to school. They can help the student in a number of ways to ensure their success and happiness.

Here are just some of the ways we can help:

Coaching for college students can give students the support, structure, and skills they need to help make a successful transition to college or help them deal with issues that have already arisen and need to be managed.

Our coach for college students program helps students better manage the college environment, get more focused, balance their school work with partying, get more organized, and make new friends.

If needed, we can also help students manage unhelpful habits, and create an Academic Improvement Plan which can focus on any one or more of these issues:

  • Adjustment Issues
  • Health Consultation/Evaluation
  • Tutoring
  • Procrastination
  • Time Management
  • Perfectionism
  • Student Life Planning Writing
  • Study Skills (e.g., reading, note-taking)
  • Learning Disability Services
  • General Counseling
  • Academic Motivation/Direction
  • Career Direction

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