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Business Coaches in Westwood MA

Westwood MA Business Coach and Life Coach
Wayne Kessler, MSW, LICSW

If you are looking for Business Coaches in Westwood, MA then you should consider Wayne Kessler.

Wayne works with people who are starting businesses, struggling in some aspect of their existing business, as well as those who are working for others.

Wayne is unique among business coaches because of the wealth of his experience as a clinical  social worker and therapist, mediator, manager, and branding and marketing consultant.

Wayne specializes in working with people who have executive functioning challenges, such as those with ADD or ADHD, Aspergers, or Autism, as well as those with non formal diagnosis. Wayne also specializes in helping health and mental health professionals and others with building their client base.

Another growing area of Wayne’s expertise is Technology coaching, helping people learn and use new technology to be more marketable, and confident in getting a job.

Areas of Wayne’s Coaching include:

To speak with Wayne about whether coaching is right for you- contact him by email using the Contact tab on this website, or call to set up a time to talk at 781-325-8186

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Wayne is one of the best Business Coaches in Westwood MA and also provides virtual coaching and online coaching services. Wayne has clients in Dedham MA, Norwood MA, Walpole, MA and surrounding communities.


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