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5 Things You Must Do For Your Business To Succeed In The New Year


5 Things You Must Do For Your Business To Succeed In The New Year

How To Make The New Year A Better Year-Tips From A Business Coach

For this year to be a better year than last year there are some things that are essential for you, as a business owner or manager to do in the next 30 days. These are as follows:

1. Reflect On What Worked

You must reflect on last year and think about what worked well in growing your business. Look at your sales, income and expense numbers. Ask yourself what worked well, what must I keep doing that worked and how can I build on it. Were there certain products or services that sold well? Did that new form of online advertising work to bring in leads? Did changing your pricing structure bring in new clients, help retain existing clients, or allow you to upsell services?


2. Reflect on What Didn’t Work

You must also reflect on what did not work well and evaluate whether to continue, change, or not offer the product or service. Did certain service offerings not make you money or lose money? Were certain employees or vendors not performing? Were you spending too much time in a certain area of your business that you could subcontract out or eliminate?


3. Monitor Your Performance Better

Increase the monitoring of your performance. If you want to improve on sales targets-you must check your numbers daily, weekly or at least monthly. You must either target more people, or target a different group of people. Unless you run a busy supermarket chain, thinking people are going to come to you without aggressive outreach and networking to market your business is a recipe for disaster. By monitoring your performance regularly you can make adjustments in your activity, programs, marketing and staffing to maximize sales.


4. Get Done What Was Undone

Be honest with yourself. What is the one thing that you have not done in 2015 that if done in 2016 will affect your business most positively? Is it making more sales calls? Is it networking more? Is it beginning to offer services that you feel you are pretty good at, but not an expert? You need to explore what is holding you back, and start to do it, or get someone to do the things you haven’t been able to do in 2015.


5. Get Help

Get help. Reach out to others. Join a group, or find a mentor or business coach. You cannot possibly know how to do everything yourself, nor can you be totally objective about running your business. There are plenty of mastermind groups, business networking groups, organizations, mentors, and coaches where you can share your struggles as a business owner and get some feedback.


Change Your Mindset and Take Action

If you believe this year will be a better year and are willing to put in the extra effort- it, undoubtedly, will be a better year. By making some simple changes in how you think and by taking action in the core areas identified above, you can not only maximize your sales, but you will also improve in your performance as a manager or business owner, and ultimately look forward to going to work every day.

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