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What Is Zoom Coaching?

Coaching done via Zoom or another online platform, otherwise kown as Zoom coaching or  virtual coaching is an excellent alternative to in person or face-to-face coaching.

Zoom coaching uses online software platforms such as Zoom, Skype, GoToMeeting, Anymeeting, or Google Hangouts, These platforms allow individuals and groups to meet together via phone, or video, to chat, across mobile, desktop, and room systems. The software or browser link makes it possible to communicate over the internet through your phone, tablet, or computer.

What Equipment Is Needed?

For video coaching, depending on whether you use your phone or computer- you will need wifi or an internet connection (ideally high speed), a computer headset or desktop microphone and speakers for your computer, and video conferencing app software, or a free Skype account. If you are using video, you will also need a camera. If you don’t have one built into your computer, you canbuy an external one that plugs into you computer. For phone only sessions, all you need is a phone. For affordable web conferencing software try the one we use, Zoom.us.

Can You Benefit From Using Zoom Coaching?

Zoom or Virtual coaching is now very common, especially now that people are more often working from home due to the Cornavirus. It is also increasingly being used by people who live in remote areas, are unable or do not want to travel for a meeting, as well as those who need or prefer to be in their home or office. In addition, you might use Zoom coaching if you want the specialized service of someone who is not located in your area.

Advantages of  Zoom Coaching over In-Person coaching?

Those who use virtual or Zoom coaching like it because they:

  • Can do it from any location.
  • Are able to meet despite adverse weather conditions.
  • Can coach using both individual and group sessions.
  • Expand their options allowing them to communicate with people locally, nationally and even internationally.
  • Can do it in their pajamas or whatever they wish to wear.
  • Can record the session for later listening.
  • Like that it is an environmentally/carbon friendly way of meeting.
  • Can choose whether the person you are speaking with can see you.
  • Do not waste time traveling to coaching sessions.
  • Save money on gas, car service, or public transporation.
  • Do not have to pay parking fees.
  • Are able to communicate and coach on more times of the day.

Is Zoom Coaching Different from In Person, Face-to-Face Sessions?

Difference Between In Person And Zoom Sessions

Zoom coaching is different from face to face sessions, especially if you use the phone only coaching or no video option. Obviously, if you cant see each other, you will miss visual cues that each uses to communicate. This could make the process of communicating for some people, more challenging for both parties. The no video mode of communication is not ideal for life or business coaching but can work well for more technical coaching sessions such as career coaching where you might do resume review and preparation, or one involving a career interest report review that might take place over the phone.

Many People Prefer Video Coaching Over Telephone or Chat

Oddly enough, video coaching is preferable for many people because it enables them to see visual cues, such as facial expressions, hand, and other body cues which we all use to gather meaning from communication. We use these cues to aid in understanding each other better and as a result, have fewer incorrect assumptions.

How Are Phone and Video Coaching Session Similar?

The Coach approaches the coaching process similarly no matter what platform is used. In the first few and ongoing sessions, the coach will strive to get to know you and learn how we can best help you based on your interests, goals, unique strengths and challenges. Depending on the type of coaching program you choose, coaching time together will focus on creating both short and long-term goals, and we will create and review your goals based on measurable outcomes that we set in the sessions. In this way, we can better understand if the coaching sessions are helpful or we need to adjust our approach. We work to build an environment of trust where the coaching process continues to improve as the coach learns how to best help you. Where it is needed, we work to teach new skills, help you to create systems that enable you to more easily manage challenges, and use tools which we develop or refine based on what is required and what is working for you in real life situations.

Zoom Coaching Options

Coaching sessions are typically in 45-50 minute blocks. If time allows, and it is needed, we might extend the session to 60 minutes.

In most coaching sesion the client is expected to take notes and do some homework. In our coaching practice we approach things a bit differently in that we provide  a written summary of the session for you- so that you can focus on the what is happening in the session and get the most out of it.

Coaching calls can also be recorded with your permission and sent to you at your request. This is especially helpful for career coaching sessions where we do mock interviews.

All Zoom coaching sessions are scheduled using our online scheduling portal and are pre-paid using an online payment system unless another arrangement is discussed, an agreed to by both parties. Invoices are provided at your request.

Scheduling An Appointment

If you think you could benefit from Zoom or virtual coaching, please schedule an appointment for your first session, or send us an email with any questions you might have.

You First Coaching Session Is Risk Free

Concerned if the fits is right? If We Are Not Right For You- We Will Refund To You The First Session Cost
During the first session, we will discuss your specific needs & goals, and help you to make sure that we are the right coaching service for you, and that this is the right time for coaching. If we decide that it does not make sense to work together, you will not have to pay for the session unless you feel like you got something out of it and do want to pay for it.

How Do You Prepare For Your Zoom Coaching Session

We recommend that you make sure that you have a good internet connection. We also encourage you to download the latest Zoom software and update it as instructed by the software.  We also recommend that you use a microphone or headset when doing virtual coaching because the quality of some computer or phone audio is not always good enough for both the sender and receiver, especially where there is interference or background noise.
If you are not using video and all that you are doing is talking, a computer headset or earphones with a built-in microphone can provide superior sound quality since the microphone is located close to your mouth. Because of the increasing use of noise cancellation technology in these devices, it is easier for people to hear you over background noises.

If you are not using video, or prefer not to use a headset, and like to move around when talking, one option is to wear a wireless lavalier or clip style microphone. These devices typically attach to your clothing such as a jacket lapel and can pick up your voice better without having to wear a headset. If you are using your web camera at your desk, consider using a USB desktop microphone. These devices are very effective at picking up sound from all directions and are great for coaching with groups. They usually have better audio quality than the built-in microphones.

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