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Benefits of Coaching For The Individual

Research on the Benefits Of Coaching For The Individual

Benefits Of Coaching For The IndividualStudies have shown that the benefits of coaching for the individual were as follows:

  1. 77% of executives reported improved relationships with direct reports
  2. 71% of workers reported improved relationships with their boss
  3. 52% reported a reduction in conflict
  4. 67% noted improvements in their teamwork
  5. 44% of workers saw an increase in their organizational commitment
  6. 63% reported better working relationships with their peers
  7. 61% saw an increase in job satisfaction

Source: The Effectiveness of Executive Coaching: What We Know from the Literature and Experience And Where We Should Go From Here, by Sheila Kampa Kokesch, Ph.D., Randall P. White, Ph.D. in Handbook of Organizational Consulting Psychology (Jossey-Bass, 2002).

Benefits of coaching for the individual couple coaching

Additional Benefits Of Coaching For The Individual Include:

  1. Promotes greater ownership and personal responsibility
  2. Results in increased openness to personal learning and development to actualize the individuals’ potential
  3. Development of self-awareness
  4. Improvement of specific skills or behavior
  5. Improvement in individuals’ performance, targets and goals
  6. Increased ability to identify solutions to specific work-related issues
  7. Improvement in individual ability to communicate with others
  8. Enables greater clarity in roles, goals, objectives, actions
  9. Opportunity to identify and correct undesired behavior and address performance challenges
  10. Helps individual to create or refine systems to improve efficiency/reduce stress

Coaching with us always starts with an initial conversation about what you hope to accomplish through individual coaching. Note that coaches often use personality and other assessments as we believe that they are essential to assess your performance now so we can build on your areas of strength, as well as identify areas to seek additional skills as an individual, as a team member, and as an organization. The assessments allow us to create a baseline that we can use to gauge our progress together. We use a wide range of personality, leadership and career assessments to fit the needs of the individual as well as the organization.

To learn more- contact our owner, and lead Coach, Wayne Kessler at 781-956-9999.

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