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Benefits of Coaching For Companies

The Many Benefits of Coaching For Companies

Benefits Of Coaching For An Organization


There are many benefits of coaching for companies. These benefits are backed by research. For example, here are just a few statistics on research that was conducted on the efficacy of coaching:

  1. 80% of people who experienced coaching report increased levels of self-confidence.  In addition,
  2. Over 70% report improved relationships, better work performance, and more effective communication skills.
  3. 86% of companies who utilized coaching- report that they recouped their investment on coaching and more.

(source: International Coach Federation ICF 2009).

two businessmen shaking handsCoaching Benefits To Companies Include:

  1. Improves relationships between people, teams, and departments
  2. Allows the organization to identify the best fit candidate for open jobs
  3. Enables better identification and use of each individual’s talents
  4. Demonstrates a commitment to employees and their development
  5. Results in improved organizational performance and productivity
  6. Allows the organization an opportunity to delineate job benchmark requirements and clarify work performance responsibilities for success
  7. Enables the organization to have a better pulse on employee satisfaction information
  8. Increases opportunity for creativity, learning, and knowledge
  9. Keeps people motivated and regularly aware of their performance
  10. Enables the organization to identify and address gaps in team skill set
  11. Facilitates the adoption of an improved culture or management style


Learn More About Coaching Benefits For Companies

Coaching with us always starts with an initial conversation about what you are trying to accomplish. Note that personality and other assessments are essential to creating a baseline and for identifying potential areas of strength as well as opportunities for growth both individually, as a team, and as an organization.

We use a number of assessments such as the DISC, Pro-D, TTI Select, Myers-Briggs, and Strong Career Interest Inventory.

To learn more contact our owner, and lead Coach, Wayne Kessler at 781-956-9999.

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