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College Student Coaches

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College Student Coaches

What Our College Student Coaches Do

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Our College Student Coaches empower and teach each student the skills necessary to make the transition from High school to college or to get to the next level in your college class given the changing requirements of Covid-19 and remote learning.

We teach you skills and give you the tools so you can learn:

  • How to organize
  • How to schedule and manage time better
  • How to plan your semester
  • How to study better
  • How to take notes
  • How to balance school work and socializing
  • How to relax and calm yourself
  • How to do better and feel better in social situations
  • How to project more confidence
  • How to increase self-esteem
  • How to manage roommates

The Coaching Relationship

The coaching relationship is a voluntary relationship whereby the student must agree to do work between sessions and be accountable. All coaching session work is conducted via Zoom and is done weekly. Work between sessions involves the student setting some goals and timelines for work needing to be done based on the syllabus deadlines.

We work together to create short term, solution-focused action plans so the student can prepare for quizzes, exams, papers, and presentations.

We help the student build a set of tools that create a foundation for success in college and for the rest of their life.

We use a personalized, holistic approach that allows for a smooth transition to college. We help the student to access support and navigate academic opportunities in an effort to reach their personal and educational goals. Our Student Success Coaches provide a crucial linkage between students and the College’s curricular and co-curricular education and connect students to resources in the community that will enhance their success.

Who We Help

We help kids with developmental challenges such as ADHD or ADD, or those with none at all. Our College Student Coaching for Success is a great resource for modifying existing behaviors as well as dealing with day to day pressures that can feel overwhelming. A College Student Success Coach will help the student to craft immediate and/or long term strategies and provide the accountability that kids need.

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