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Why You Should Not Use Coaching Rates When Deciding On A Coach

Why You Should Not Use Coaching Rates When Deciding On A Coach

Comparing Coaches-Is Using Coaching Rates A Good Idea?

coachingratesYou have heard the old adage “you get what you pay for,” and yet you are still deciding on a coach based on their coaching rates. You want to save money, who can blame you, but let’s look at why taking this approach is not always a good idea.

Unlike most professions, coaching is not well regulated, meaning that anyone can call themself a life coach, anyone, with any level of training or experience. Therefore, Life Coaches don’t have the same experience, training, commitment and time investment in their work with their clients.


The Structure of the Session Is Key

For example, in our coaching work, we provide a session summary after each session that outlines key issues discussed, insights gained, suggestions on readings, or exercises and jointly identified goals to be accomplished before the next session. Not all coaches do this and it does affect how quickly coaching can be effective, cutting down on length of time needed in coaching, which ultimately affects how much money you spend on coaching.


Its Not About the Length But The Depth of the Coaching Session

Some life coaches are people who have overcome a challenge and want to help others with the same issue. This might work in theory, but if those folks do not get the right training and experience they operate under the assumption that what worked for them will work for you and that is not always the case. With Coaching training, they learn that each person brings a unique constellation of skills, personality, history, strengths and areas for growth that needs to be explored for there to be progress. I believe that knowledge of, and some training in psychology and experience as a counselor, social worker, health professional, or psychotherapist can be essential in helping to assess what’s going on and how to best approach their work with the client. Some coaches invest in weekly or ongoing supervision sessions with colleagues so they can continue to learn new skills, and techniques, so that they can hone their coaching abilities.


Why Invest In Yourself and Take A Risk?

Coaching is an investment in yourself that can affect the quality for your life for many years to come. Given what we was outlined above-it is not wise to look at Coaches as a commodity and compare based on their coaching rates. Coaching rates in Boston vary between $75 session to $500 per session. There are some coaches that offer discounted rates for prepaying for a block of sessions, for paying by check, and some give reduced rates for other reasons. It can’t hurt to ask.

Engaging in Coaching is certainly a risk, but a risk with the best payoff of any risk that you might ever take.

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