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Failure Is An Option-But Not For You in 2014


Failure Is An Option-But Not For You in 2014

Failure Is Not An Option Mindset

I love when I hear people say “failure is not an option,” with intensity and determination. In many cases, as a result of this way of thinking, actions are put in place that make that statement a reality and these individuals succeed at their endeavors… at least in the movies.

The reality is that all of us need to have determination, a vision of the future, positive thought, and focused action, to achieve any goal in life, because failure is an option.

Many of my clients, and admittedly me, at times, by not taking action, not making a decision, or procrastinating, we are, by default, accepting the option of failure.

We rationalize that decision, make excuses and even lie to ourselves and others, so that we can maintain the status quo.

We sometimes ask ourselves, “Why can’t I just do this?” At some level we know the answer, but possibly, fear of moving forward gets in the way because more may be asked of us. Or, for some of us, low self-esteem, depression, obsessiveness, perfectionism, lack of concentration, or challenges with respect to organizing and planning are the issue. In most cases, coaching, therapy, medication and other means of support can help remove these barriers to success and then we begin to achieve things we may not have even thought possible for ourselves.

No matter how we got into this negative pattern or habit of not taking action, not making a choice, making excuses, and sometimes covering up our difficulties; there is hope that you can create a new vision for what is possible for yourself, establish new habits, learn new skills, gain more focus, and plan for a better life where you can fulfill your potential. Because, by not taking action or procrastinating, you are a living testament to the fact that failure is an option, and nobody truly wants that for themselves.

One exercise I do with some of my coaching clients, especially those with ADD or ADHD, is the “if you can do something in a minute-just do it,” exercise. Rather than your old pattern of putting things off and saying, “I will get to that,” if that thing can be done in 1 or 2 minutes- just get it done.

If you begin to establish patterns of action after thoughts of things you need to do, it can be life-changing for you. You will begin to see yourself as a “doer,” and you will not put things off as much. If you can’t do things in a minute-that’s fine, but in order to make sure you do get them done- you must schedule them. Start this one thing in 2014 and you may even begin to use the mantra, “failure is not an option.”