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What Puppies Can Teach Us About Marketing

What Puppies Can Teach Us About Marketing

Can We Learn About Marketing From Puppies?

teddy-5-monthsonfloorWho doesn’t love a Puppy? Some people spend hours looking at pictures of baby animals including puppies, kittens and other cute animals. Pinterest is loaded with pictures of puppies which is a very popularly searched item. And I just read an article in The Week which described how, according to a new study from Japan, so-called cute photos — sleeping kittens, chubby babies, frolicking puppies-may actually increase one’s productivity levels at work.

But what can puppies teach us about Marketing?

I did some creative thought process on this so bear with me as I describe my take on what we can learn from puppies about marketing.

  • Puppies know where there is food and seek it out

Any successful business owner will do research on where their clients dwell online and create an engaging presence where their clients dwell

  • Puppies seek out food even when they are not hungry

We need to think like puppies and look for sales leads/new clients even when business is good so we have little downtime and many prospects in the pipeline

  • Puppies know when to socialize and when to work for their food

We can learn a lot about life balance and taking care of our needs from puppies, especially making sure we take time for play and rest

  • Puppies communicate by making a lot of noise when they want something to happen

We should remember that in order to compete online we need to communicate consistently and sometimes loudly and persistently to be noticed online

  • Puppies are curious, pay close attention to what is going on, and change their behavior to get their needs met

We must learn to listen to our customers and respond to any changing needs or preferences so we can better meet their needs or they will go elsewhere

  • Puppies are loyal

We can learn that if we make the effort to cultivate loyalty in our clients the way we cultivate it in puppies it is a win-win situation

These are just some of the lessons I think we can learn from puppies. I hope you found this article both amusing and helpful.

Now off to look at more pictures of puppies!