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SEO is a Necessity for Individuals and Small Businesses


SEO is a Necessity for Individuals and Small Businesses

SEO: A Good Investment for Individual Practitioners and Small Businesses

When it comes to marketing their business, many small business owners, and those in private practice, simply do not realize that search engine optimization (SEO), if done well, can be a really good investment that pays for itself many times over.

Some recent work with a local, Needham, MA group practice client illustrates this point. After a new rebranding and redesign of their website, I have been working with individuals in their practice to optimize their individual webpage profiles.

Darlene Corbett, a clinician in the practice with whom I provide marketing coaching services, had a goal of getting more private pay clients, wanting to rely less on insurance reimbursement. Our strategy involved putting a strong emphasis on marketing her niche hypnotherapy service, which, in most cases, is not a reimbursed service from insurance companies.

The way I approached this goal, was to work with Darlene to re-write her profile to incorporate an easy to read, client-centered focus, that incorporated some of the latest optimization practices, such as incorporating specific and related keywords such as hypnotherapist, hypnotherapy, and hypnosis in the title, body text, and description of the page.

corbettgoogleseoresultsAs a result of this work, and some social media activity on the part of the client, she now shows up on the first page of a Google search, in the number two position out of 66,800 results for the keywords she wanted to rank for, and is starting to get phone calls of people wanting to make referrals, as well as clients looking for her hypnotherapy services.

If Darlene does an analysis of the small investment in getting her profile page rewritten and her web page optimized, compared to the value of the client referrals over time- it is a no brainer that this was a good investment which will help her achieve her goal of building her private practice, and ultimately, relying less on a declining income from insurance reimbursement.