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Am I Coachable?


Am I Coachable?

Becoming a Coaching Client Takes Courage and Commitment. Are You Ready For Coaching?

Unfortunately, everyone is not ready for coaching. Have you asked yourself, “Am I ready for coaching?” To be ready and prepared for success in the coaching process, I strongly recommend that you:

  1. Be willing to devote the time and investment necessary to achieve your goals
  2. Be willing to make changes necessary for success
  3. Be willing to laugh at yourself through the coaching process (I often use/recommend use of appropriate humor)
  4. Be willing to accept honest feedback about elements of your business which are impacting performance
  5. Be willing to maintain ongoing communication (by email, and/or phone) between in-person meetings to review goal accomplishment

If you are motivated to make some changes, are ready to take the first step, or if you are not sure and would like to learn more about coaching- then contact Coach Kessler at 781-325-8186, or Book An Appointment for your free, no obligation, initial consultation.