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What is a Life Coach?

new day picture of cloudsThe answer to the question What is a Life Coach is that a life coach helps their clients to set and reach personal and professional goals using a variety of coaching questions, tools and techniques. Life coaching is the process of providing people with the support, accountability, knowledge, tools, and the opportunity for insight that they need to fulfill their potential in life.

The Focus of Life Coaching

Life coaching focuses on the strengths people bring from their life experiences, as well as any interests or passion that they would like to pursue. The life coach is a nurturer of untapped potential by helping the client to explore possibilities that exist in a person’s life rather than deficits. Life coaching can help people make major life changes or focus on aspects of a person’s life that they would like to improve.

It is our belief that the most qualified coaches are formally trained in both psychology and coaching approaches, and have practical experience both as a coach and as a client.

Because of the interplay of life and business, a life coach can help their client to focus and prioritize those issues that impact work and family balance.

Life coaching usually focuses on the following question:

Are there areas of your life, either personal or professional, that you would like to improve?

What do Life Coaches and their Clients Discuss?

Areas for discussion in life coaching may include:

  • Losing weight
  • Exercising
  • Changing careers or jobs
  • Relationships
  • Balancing life and work
  • Going back to school
  • Getting organized
  • Achieving your own personal goals
  • Starting your own business
  • Dealing with challenges at work or home

Coaching vs Therapy | Coaching vs Counseling

Life coaching differs from therapy or counseling in that issues from the past are not the focus of the work. If there are unresolved issues/barriers from the past that are impacting one from moving forward on their goals- then therapy or counseling is recommended.

It is quite common, and most effective, for the coaching client to also be in individual, couples, or group therapy.

Life Coaches Online

Some Life coaches use online video portals like Zoom, Skype, VSEE, GotoMeeting, to hold coaching sessions. Some also will coach over the phone. This is a convenient way to obtain coaching without the hassle and time commitment of having to physically go to a session. Learn more about Online Life coach.

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