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PRO-D Best Personality Assessment Tools

My Search For Personal Growth And Best Personality Assessment Tools


As many of you know also do-I use personality and career assessments like the Myers-Briggs in my coaching practice.

In my quest to be on the cutting edge of helping to transform people’s lives I recently tried out a new, life-changing tool called the PRO-D Assessment, which I think many of you would also find compelling and useful.

What Is The Pro-D Personality Assessment?

The PRO-D Assessment is a multidimensional assessment designed to deepen self-awareness leading to improved interpersonal interactions, leadership, and role-effectiveness, as well as organizational fit, by leveraging individual strengths and harnessing the power of one’s personal core values. The PRO-D Assessment and coaching program is based on nine Career Value Archetypes that provide the basic foundation to help understand how people are wired. By exploring how you fit within these nine Career Values, you start to understand why others might see the world in a different way. The PRO-D tool and coaching program will better enable you to understand others, their differences, and explores the view that their differences could also be strengths.

The PRO-D assessment tool is unique because it doesn’t force the user into a “box” or to identify with a single “type.”  It assumes and takes into account that everyone is unique and complex. It also details the big picture of that complexity in a way that is easily understandable and eye-opening.  Here is a short video on the PRO-D website which explains a bit more about the tool.

If you would like to learn more about the instrument, give us a call at 781-956-9999. Or if you are ready to sign up for a coaching using the Pro-D then schedule a coaching session here.