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Music Coach

Songwriting Coaching

I can help you get in touch with YOUR own unique way of writing songs. Everyone has their own approach to songwriting, and I can help you discover yours. I studied music composition in college and have been writing songs for 15 years. I’ve tried countless approaches. I can teach you how to write effective melodies, chord progressions, lyrics, and instrumental parts. Whether you’re just getting started or have been at it a while and are stuck in a rut, I can get your creativity going in a direction that suits you.


Music Exposure Coaching

Want more people to know about your music? I can help you explore the many ways you could present it to the world. Whether it’s through getting more live shows, building your presence on social media, submitting to labels, or the recording process, I can help you grow your project.


Recording and Producing Coaching

Have you written a bunch of songs but have no idea how to record them properly? I can teach you how to use complex recording software in a way that works for you. I will identify what you need to know and what you do NOT need to know to save you time. I can teach you how to mic certain instruments, which hardware and software you need and don’t need, how to arrange instrumental parts and produce effectively, mixing and mastering techniques, and much more.

Whatever type of coaching you need, we have a music coach for you. Just give us a call to learn more at 781-492-5124.