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ADHD Business Owner? Use ADHD Coaching Services

Small Business Owners And ADHD

 ADHD Coaching services

Pluses and Minuses of Starting Your Own Business

For those with ADHD, there are pluses and minuses for starting your own business.
On the plus side, starting a small business can give you the time flexibility you need, the opportunity to do what you want to do, you get to use your strengths, challenge yourself and stimulate your creativity, and as an entrepreneur you do not have a boss telling you what to do. You have control over your physical environment so can keep restlessness and boredom at bay.

The Strengths Of Those With ADHD

We know from working with people with ADHD that those with ADHD often possess innate qualities such as originality, creativity, energy, grit, and dynamic interpersonal skills. These are some of the qualities needed for successful entrepreneurship.

The Challenges Of Those With ADHD

On the other hand, some of the challenges experienced by people with ADHD and some of the symptoms of ADHD can be barriers to being an effective entrepreneur.
Do any of these sound like you or someone you know?

  • I don’t take the time to plan consistently
  • I’m not as organized I should be
  • I often procrastinate
  • My memory for details is not great
  • I am a perfectionist
  • I get lots of business ideas but don’t follow through on most of them
  • I can be impulsive
  • I am easily distracted
  • I find it hard to pay attention when talking to people
  • I find it difficult to relax
  • I have drive but it is not always focused on things I should focus
  • I am more often than not late for meetings or deadlines
  • I tend to get emotional or angry easily

What Has Worked Before No Longer Works

So how can someone with ADHD be successful in business given the challenges they face on a daily basis? Because they are creative and resourceful, many people with ADHD, over the years, have developed strategies to cope with their symptoms. However, the demands of a small business are huge and because of all the moving parts of a business, they quickly realize they need help.

A New Paradigm Is Needed At Work

Because of the varied and multiple tasks that need to get done, systems need to be set up to organize tasks. Automation needs to happen so that things get done when they are supposed to get done. The ADHD manager needs to learn how to control their emotions and be able to work with people to delegate tasks. They need to be able to plan their day and know their schedule. They need to be able to anticipate, plan for and meet deadlines. They need strategies to get and stay focused.

An ADHD Coach Can Help

An ADHD Coach serves as an educator on ADHD, a non-judgmental support, a generator of strategies, a mirror of possibilities, and an accountability partner. They are a trusted advisor. If they are good at what they do- they truly care about their clients and their success. They understand there will be ups and downs in the coaching process. Coaching is not a quick fix for a small business owner with ADHD.

Effective ADHD Coaches

For coaching to be effective we believe that the ADHD coach should be seen as another member of the business team and time must be devoted weekly, at least initially, for coaching to be effective. We recommend that ADHD coaches have special training in ADHD coaching and not just be someone who claims they can help people with ADHD because they have it, or because they are a coach.

Coaching Rates

Coaching rates vary by state, the skill level of the coach, the number of sessions purchased, whether it is virtual (Phone or Videoconferencing), in an office, or at the place of business.

Get A Free Coaching Consultation

How much business are you missing out on because you are not addressing your ADHD? Are you living up to your potential at work? If you believe you can do better and are ready to make it happen then schedule a free, no obligation, confidential ADHD Coaching session.