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Executive & Business Coaching

We help you manage challenges like leadership development, delegating, managing emotions, setting goals and performance expectations, career advancement, control or conflict issues, employee issues, promotions, and improving relationships.


Career Coaching and Job Acquisition

We work with you on issues such as exploring/changing careers, workplace adjustment, human resource/challenging work issues, job search, promotions, colleague relationships, and leadership development. We offer the Myers-Briggs assessments and Strong Interest Inventory.


ADD/ADHD Symptoms and Coaching

ADHD/ADD coaching trains people to use systems for organizing, prioritizing, managing time, making deicsions, and getting and staying on track. We build on your unique strengths, and address your unique challenges so you can feel more confident and better about yourself.


Coaching for Shy people and Introverts

You might be feeling like your shyness is affecting some area of your life or work. This area of coaching helps those who are struggling with being who they know they are, but understand that they need to up their game. They need to either improve the number and quality of their relationships, deal better with fear or avoidance of social or work situations, or better manage their anxiety or isolation which limits their leading a fulfilling life.

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Coaching For Peak Performance

You know, deep down, that you can do better. You want to get to the next level- but need help. You want accountability and a witness to your success. If you believe that you are not living up to your potential- this area of coaching is for you. We help you to set the bar high and hold you accountable so you can take your business, career, life, fitness, hobby, or relationships to the next level and live a life that you deserve. Learn more about Peak Performance Coach services.

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Marketing Coaching for Branding and Higher ROI

We help entrepreneurs, small and medium-sized businesses to set and reach marketing plan goals. This area of coaching helps business owners with coaching and guidance on the latest marketing tools and strategies necessary to start or grow their business. We work with you on Branding, Website Development, Building Your Marketing Funnel, Search Engine Optimization, Increasing Conversions, Campaign Tracking, and Sales.


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